CANYON Life Is 7" - Blue (CNS-C24UT7BL)

CANYON Life Is 7" - Blue (CNS-C24UT7BL)

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"Life is" universal case for 7 tabletThis universal reversible, compatible with most tablets and e-books case is performed in slim marvelous design and lifestyle colors. Silicon holders will confortably fix your tablet. A distinctive feature of this case is its foldable cover with the ability to turn the case in an upright position in a kind of horizontal stand for watching videos, surfing the Internet and in the portrait position for reading magazines and books, so you can enjoy every moment of your life. Let your life be amazing! Compatible with most tablets and e-books 7"
Two sides slim case
Material: PU embossed and silicon holders
Does not slip
Adjustable multiangle viewing mode for landscape view
Stand steadily even when play touch screen game
Front and Back protection
Easy to install and remove Продукт известен още и като Life Is 7 Blue CNS C 24 UT 7 BL, LifeIs7BlueCNSC24UT7BL, Life Is 7" Blue (CNS C24UT7BL), LifeIs7-BlueCNS-C24UT7BL

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