ASUS Transkeyboard (Bluetooth) - Black (90XB01IP-BKB000)

ASUS Transkeyboard (Bluetooth) - Black (90XB01IP-BKB000)

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A cover and wireless keyboard in one

- Ultra-slim and light TransKeyboard with a Bluetooth 3.0 QWERTY keyboard
- Compatible with full size (up to 10) Windows and Android tablets
- The TransKeyboard features a flexible folding design and has magnets to fasten and secure your tablet. Fold it into a stand and you've got the perfect angle to compose emails, browse the web, or chat online.
- Lightweight, durable microfiber construction thoroughly protects your tablet from the elements
- Quick-fold design lets you prop up your tablet in seconds.

Connectivity Technology - Wireless
Wireless Technology - Bluetooth

OS Support:
Windows® 8.1
Windows® 8
AndroidTM4.2 *

Dimensions - 26(L) x 12.7(W) x 1(H) cm
Weight - 246 g
Color - Black

1. QSG x 1
2. TransKeyboard x 1
3. Micro USB cable x 1

*Model Compatibility: All ASUS Pads(Up to 10")
Pad series: ASUS VivoTab Smart(ME400CL)/Nexus 7/Nexus 7(2013)/ASUS MeMO Pad 8(ME180A)/ASUS MeMO Pad 10(ME102A)/ASUS VivoTab Note 8(M80TA)
Padfone series: PadFone 2(A68)/The PadFone Infinity(A80)/The new PadFone Infinity(A86)/PadFone mini 4.3(A11)

*OS support: Android 4.2 above

//www. asus. com/Keyboards_Mice/TransKeyboard/ Продукт известен още и като Transkeyboard Bluetooth Black 90 XB 01 IP BKB 000, TranskeyboardBluetoothBlack90XB01IPBKB000, Transkeyboard (Bluetooth) Black (90XB01IP BKB000), TranskeyboardBluetooth-Black90XB01IP-BKB000, Transkeyboard (Bluetooth) - Black (90XB01IP-BKB 000)

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